Christina FlachΒ 


When Christina Flach created Pretty Girl Makeup, she wanted to celebrate everything it means to be a girl – along with all the fun, excitement, and glamour that comes with it. When you wear one of our products, you’re wearing the result of several years of hard work. Specialists mixed and matched pigments, natural ingredients, and other essential components to create one-of-a-kind products that deliver the results you want.

A Celebrity Makeup Artist, CEO, and company founder, Christina brings more than 20 years of experience to Pretty Girl Makeup. In the past, she worked in commercial print, advertising, fashion, beauty, TV, and film, enabling her to collect information about the latest trends in these fields. She uses her knowledge of beauty and fashion to create and perfect new lip, eye, and face products for her online store.

In addition to creating high-end beauty products, Christina also writes about beauty and fashion for weekly magazines. Her work is inspired by her love and obsession with beauty, fashion, and art. She believes her clients deserve to look stylish and feel confidentβ€”that’s why she’s committed to creating high-quality cosmetics that deliver the richest pigments and most luxurious textures.


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